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Get out and shoot.

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Sometimes, nothing happens. Nothing. I met some friends at 8am this morning at the market. The light was boring, the market was boring, blah blah blah. Chris noticed the jet trails going across the sky and we challenged each other to take some sort of interesting shot of it. This is what I got. We walked around for another hour barely snapping the shutter and complaining that it wasn’t New York or Paris. Well, we don’t live in New York or Paris so Seattle it is. The point of all this is… I got out and shot. Had I sat at home stuffing my face with artificial light, I wouldn’t have had the camera in my hand.

Did I get any fantastic shots? Hell, no. Is this a great shot? Hell, no, again. BUT, I did get out and shoot and that’s the name of the game. Next time, who knows.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Kirkland Waterfront

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Kirkland Waterfront, originally uploaded by AlanLawrence.

Yesterday’s weather was not great. Completely overcast, boring light but I had the itch to get out with my camera. There was nothing. Solid grey sky, boring light. But, I took some images anyway… 3 to be exact. Of those 3, I got this one which I really like. You never know what you can get unless you get some shutter clicks in for the day. The lesson here is just get out and shoot. If you get one shot, that’s great. If you don’t get any, at least you tried.

Tethering to the iPad

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Doesn’t seem like it is asking too much to be able to tether my camera to my iPad but apparently Apple does not deem to grant such a simple request.  Determined to figure out some way to make it happen, I discovered that the Eye-fi cards have a direct mode that will create a mini-hot spot that will connect, though intermittently with my iPad.  8g card ran $35, reasonable for any photographic solution.  I’m trying it out now.  So far, I’m not too impressed.  Am I really asking too much in this day and age of connectivity?  Will let you know how it works in the field when I attempt to use this during my workshop on Sunday.  More to come…

Magnolia Bridge view of Seattle

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From the Magnolia Bridge

Magnolia Bridge view of Seattle, originally uploaded by AlanLawrence.

Hung out with Chris Grady this evening on the Magnolia Bridge. We were really far away and the bridge vibrated badly every time a car came on it, but I think I got some pretty good shots anyway.

View from Magnolia

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View from Magnolia, originally uploaded by AlanLawrence.

Photo Assignments

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“How you structure an assignment so it does what the client wants, satisfies you, and solves his problems at the same time becomes almost conceptual and political, instead of photographic.  I try as much as possible to talk with the clients who travel with me, and say ‘Look, what you’ve got me doing at this point is something that I wouldn’t shoot unless you were paying me.  I’ll be happy to shoot it, and do the best job I can, but let’s try to make it something that’s so exciting that I would shoot it anyway.'” – Jay Maisel

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